Tripod Turn #27

Tripod Turn #27

Completely organic blur of reality by rotating the camera during exposure.

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This website features a very exclusive quantity of my best work. However if you are wanting more to choose from, I have over 1,000 images available for digital purchase at the link below. Or if you want to have a print made from one of those images just contact me and I can make that happen!

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"I ordered a 16x20 on metallic paper, and it is absolutely breathtaking! The metallic finish gives it so much depth and dimension! The lights actually look illuminated on the paper! This is such an incredible print, and the metallic finish complements it so very beautifully. Will definitely be a focal point in my home! I love your work and have been raving about it to my friends.Thank you for sharing your vision with the rest of us." - Lisa Marie Swank

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